Gst and Tax Expert

ITC-03 CSV format definition

4  Table Name: ITC03 Invoices - Response

Table Code: ITC03

S. No Column Name
(Color Code - Mandatory or Optional)
Column Description
Full Value Sample Value  
1 gstin GSTIN of the taxpayer  
2 rtn_typ Return Type
3 dof Date of Filing, present only in case of ITC03-4A Return Type.
4 comp_arn Composition ARN, Present in case of ITC03-4A return Type. ARN of the application filed to opt composition
5 doe Date of Exemption, present only in case of ITC03-4B Return Type.
6 invs List of Invoices   Invoices
7 cpty_r Gstin of Supplier
8 cpty_ur Registration under CX/ VAT of supplier
9 inum Invoice Number
10 idt Invoice Date
11 itms Items Items
12 goods_ty Goods Type
13 desc Description of inputs held in stock
14 uqc Unit Quantity Code
15 qty Quantity  
16 val Taxable value of Goods or Service as per invoice  
17 tx_c Central tax  
18 tx_s State tax/UT Tax  
19 tx_i Integrated tax  
20 tx_cs Cess